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What they are saying about AKASHA & Akasha Richmond

"Akasha Richmond, who is both chef and muse to the restaurant, is one of the best-known vegan cooks in the world, and a caterer for every skinny actress who has ever appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. She spent years as the tour chef for Michael Jackson, who plucked her from his favorite restaurant, the macrobiotic Temple of Conscious Cookery near the Farmers Market, and she’s been the personal chef for Barbra Streisand, among others. The woman knows from a mung bean, in other words — her bowl of curried mung beans, rice and flatbread is the kind of thing you always used to hope for when you visited a hippie restaurant, and lovers of parsnips, quinoa and wood-grilled artichokes will find themselves at home." - Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly

"Her Indian inflections are particularly skillful. Those Punjabi mung beans, served with rapini and brussels sprouts, are a joy, inhabiting that moist middle ground between soupy and stewy, the kind of dish that leaves you saying to yourself, This is just what my body needed. Even something as inherently bland as a turkey burger—here spiked with olives, jalapeños, and red peppers—has the kick and complexity of a classic." Patric Kuh, LA Magazine

"Akasha Richmond, who put Culver City on the map with her modern American food at AKASHA" - Travel & Leisure

"Farm-fresh American fare in buzzy digs" - Zagat

"People will rave about Akasha's gluten-free onion rings with their rice-flour coating. No, I prefer their chicken tikka wings, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, betraying barely a hint of grease and coated in a layer of chat masala that's as coarse and tender as a kitten's tongue." -LA WEEKLY