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all burgers & sandwiches are cooked to order. available for pick-up all day or delivery on ChowNow here.

creekstone beef burger: shredded lettuce, tomato, sauce, grilled red onion, dill pickle chips, cheddar or gruyere $17 add bacon & onion rings +$3

‘beyond meat’ burger: plant-based patty, shredded lettuce, tomato, sauce, grilled red onion, dill pickle chips, choose your cheese $17

spiked turkey burger: mixed with green olives, jalapeño, red peppers & onion, paprika aioli, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheddar or gruyere $16

wild albacore tuna melt: sourdough toast, tomato, bread & butter pickles, cheddar $15

‘beyond meat’ patty melt: rye, russian dressing, vegan gouda, caramelized onions $17

fried chicken sandwich: gluten-free crusted chicken breast, brioche bun, bread & butter pickles, slaw, sriracha mayo $16

side options: salad, slaw, soup or fries. substitute onion rings +2. gluten-free bun +2


weiser farms melon, ricotta salata, mint, & sicilian olive oil $15

chickpea hummus, kalamata olives, olive oil, crudite $9

beet & avocado salad, local greens, radish, cherry tomatoes, sunflower & sesame seed, miso vinaigrette $13 g-f

kale caesar, olive oil croutons, grana padano, caesar dressing $11

baby organic spinach, feta, red onion, kalamata olives, red wine vinaigrette $11 +shrimp $6 g-f

poached faroe island salmon, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, herb vinaigrette $16 g-f

add to any salad salmon $8, grilled chicken $5, tuna salad $5, grilled shrimp $6 


bacon-cheddar biscuits: two frozen take & bake biscuits with honey butter $7

blueberry & apricot scones: two frozen take & bake scones $6

banana walnut bread slice $4 g-f

akasha’s granola 1 lb bag $15 g-f

intelligentsia ground espresso beans, 1 lb bag $15

intelligentsia whole espresso beans, 1 lb bag $15


strozzapreti pasta with pine nut pesto, broccoli & pecorino (serves 2) $13

asparagus, squash blossom, fava bean & pea risotto, parmigiano (serves 2) $16

vietnamese style chicken, black rice, stir-fry vegetables, pickled cucumber $15 g-f

eggplant parm, nonna’s tomato sauce, grana padano  $10

faroe island salmon, creamed corn, grilled green beans & torpedo onions, olive oil $25 g-f


black bean soup 1 pint $5

market green vegetable puree 1 pint $6

‘chasen’s’ chili with pinto beans & creekstone beef $10

chicken pot pie, flakey crust, rich gravy, peas & carrots (serves 1) $10

shiitake mushroom pot pie, flakey crust, mushroom gravy, potatoes, peas & carrots (serves 1) $10

beef bolognese lasagna, nonna sauce, fonduta $22

turkey meatloaf, ketchup glaze (serves 3-4) $20 g-f

½ dozen potato pancakes $10 g-f 


made or packaged in house

akasha’s mango chutney 8oz $10

plum-zinfandel preserves 8oz $10

‘see canyon’ blenheim apricot jam 8oz $12

akasha’s pumpkin seed brittle $4

bombay snack mix, sev, cashews, peanuts, raisins, moong dal, spices 6oz $5

organic red lentils +soup recipe 1.5 lbs $4

organic mung beans +mung bean & rice recipe 1.5 lbs $4

french green lentils +ragu recipe 1.5 lbs $5

chickpea flour +pancake recipe 1.5 lbs $4

black rice 1.5 lbs $8

quinoa 1.5 lbs $5

caputo pasta flour +pasta dough recipe 2 lbs

g-f rolled oats +cookie recipe 2lb $4

king arthur all-purpose flour +scone recipe 2lb $2.25 

65% dark chocolate disks +cookie recipe $4.50


fully cooked, just needs to heat

tandoori chicken wings, chaat masala & tamarind chutney & mint relish $15

turkey meatballs, nonna’s tomato sauce, grana padano (4 meatballs) $14 g-f

new ½ size skillet macaroni & cheese, gruyere & cheddar, breadcrumbs (serves 1) $6

vegetarian enchilada, beans, mole sauce, dairy or vegan cheese (serves 2) $16 g-f

chicken ‘parm’, nonna’s sauce, mozzarella, grana padano (serves 2) $16 g-f


fully cooked pizza, come cold for reheating, or we can heat for you

roman pizza, tomato, basil, mozzarella, parm or vegan mozzarella pizza (serves 2) $8

roman pizza, squash blossoms, torpedo onion, goat cheese, pecorino, olive oil (serves 2) $10

pepperoni roman pizza, tomato, basil, mozzarella, parm or vegan mozzarella (serves 2) $10


VEGETABLES & SIDES - all are g-f

grilled artichoke, olive oil & meyer lemon, basil aioli $8

milliken farm’s broccoli, carrots & green beans, lemon & olive oil (serves 2) $11

creamed corn (no cream, just butter) (serves 2) $10

stir-fry bok choy, shiitake mushroom & spinach (serves 2) $10 

gluten-free corn muffins $3 each 


market apricot crisp (serves 1) $8

berry-citrus cake with lemon glaze $4 g-f

dark chocolate pound cake slice $4 g-f

banana-walnut bread slice $4 g-f 

g-f oatmeal-cherry-chocolate chip cookie $2

triple ginger cookie  $2

snickerdoodle cookie $2

g-f tahini-chocolate chunk cookie $2

take & bake of any cookie (1/2 dozen) $12


our cocktails serve 2-3 drinks

roquette: gin, arugula, lime, agave $25

breeders cup: organic cucumber vodka, cucumber, beets, horseradish $25

peach old fashioned: peach infused bourbon, bitters, agave $20

strawberry fields: strawberry shrub, lime, ginger, thyme, vodka $30

wine by the bottle - see our online ordering menu for our current wine list