feed culver

Helping Neighbors in Need

We are proud to be helping with FeedCulver.org. In times of need, nothing tastes sweeter than helping your neighbor. That's the mission for FeedCulver.org — neighbors helping neighbors in need. As a result of COVID-19 and the mass effort to stop its spread, hundreds of our neighbors are isolated and out of work. Seniors and those with special needs are disconnected from their support networks. We are one of the local restaurants helping to fill this gap. FeedCulver.org will bridge that gap.

Your generous donations will provide "Grab & Go" and delivered meals at no cost to seniors, shut-ins, and needy families, provided by AKASHA and other Culver City area restaurants and other food providers. Your financial support will have the added benefit of helping the employees of these Culver City establishments keep their jobs.

Savor the sweetness of helping your neighbors. Please donate now to FeedCulver.org and give to our neighbors in need.